In the beginning….

A month ago I’d never heard of it.  But as we prepared to start our sabbatical I prayed, asking the Lord for creative ideas to help me make the most of this time.   Shortly after, I stumbled on a website that mentioned it.  And I was captivated.

Art jounaling.  Journaling + art = what a winning combination.

Visually I loved the look!   But little did I realize the greatest benefit, the best treasure came as I prayerfully processed while putting each page together.

I start with an idea. One thing the Lord is teaching me.  Then ask him to give me a picture portraying this (and if drawing is involved I’m crying out desperately for the ability to depict what comes to mind!).

And as I work with different materials scrap booking remnants, glue, colored pencils and pens, watercolors, acrylics, ink, old magazines, pictures, its amazing to see not only how the picture is taking shape but how I am better learning what He is teaching me!


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