Re-Discovering that First Hand Joy!


Went to the library and discovered they have magazines for art journalers!  One article focused on creative lettering.  And since I’ve been having fun with watercolors thought I’d give water color letters a try – love them!

But the best treasure of all was this quote by John Piper (got to love all the variety you can access at a library!!!).  The Lord used this to help me realize I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately – after reading through the Bible in a year sixteen times, I wasn’t enjoying it as much.

Sooooooo I decided to stop mid-stream and slow down, camping out in just one verse a day, beginning at the beginning in Genesis.  And wow!  I can’t believe all I’m getting out of each verse!  As I chew on it longer and really take time to study and consider, I’m discovering all sorts of things I missed during my quick read throughs!

The first book I ever worked through to learn how to study the Bible was entitled, First Hand Joy – and I’ve found that to be sooo true.  I experience such joy when I discover new treasures for myself in God’s Word!

And you know, I really am praising the Lord more as a result!

Thanks for the heads up, John!



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