Receiving and Believing


The Lord gave us a tremendous gift when He blessed Andrew with a summer internship in building construction out here in Colorado Springs!  Not only was Andrew able to help us move, but he also shared our first three months living in this new location.  Once again, our home was his home.

But as August rolled around was I ever starting to dread his heading back to Florida.  I kind of like that guy!

The week before he was scheduled to leave a new friend invited me over for tea.  As we shared ideas about how we journal, the Lord laid it on my heart to ask if she’d like to share a quiet time together.  She was so excited and suggested we camp out in 1 Corinthians 13 in The Message.

As we read through this chapter, verse 4 jumped off the page at me, so this is what I wrote:


LOOK:    “(love) does not want what it doesn’t have.”  1 Corinthians 13:4b

LISTEN:  “Oh Poppa, I’ve never thought of this as envy. I’ve thought of envy as wishing for something someone else has but really this is at the core – I’m wishing for something I don’t have.  And that’s not love.

Every good and perfect give comes from you and no good thing will you withhold.  Too sad to think whenever I’m wanting what I don’t have, I’m not loving you!

Like wanting Andrew to still be here living with us.  That’s wanting what I won’t have after Saturday instead of being thankful for the gift of him being here now.  Oh Father, please forgive my ungratefulness!  Of course if it was a good thing for him to still be living with us or at least here in Colorado it would be.  And it has been this summer.  But now it’s time for him to return to Florida and you are allowing this because it’s good ~ for him as well as for us.

LIVE IT OUT:  I need to start now praying, asking the Lord to help me have a thankful heart as Andrew leaves on Saturday.  From now till then, keep asking you to teach me the secret of contentment through this.  I can mourn that I’ll miss him, while still rejoicing that this is your best for all of us and being thankful!  Please help me Lord, to love you through my response and wholeheartedly, by not wanting what I don’t have!

Thank you Poppa for the gift of the time we’ve had this summer and all I’ve learned from it – about not taking things personally and keeping my heart open.  And thank you for the precious times we shared at Palmer Park together.  Thank you that is is good for him to be in Florida and us to be out here and that we can trust you with this.  Thank you for how you’re growing both of us through this.  You really are amazing Lord!  Thank you for how you keep meeting me in my quiet times preparing me so I can fully embrace where you have us and all the ramifications.


From that moment on, there was such a peace in my heart.  Granted, I did cry a couple times!  But as we said goodbye – well, the Lord sure poured on the grace answering my prayers!  It really helped knowing this is truly what’s good for him as well as for us.

Got to love it when the Lord meets us right where we are through His Word and blesses us with just what we need!

(um… obviously, I still haven’t got down the fact that in ink printing things come up backwards!  Yes, that is supposed to be Florida!!! lol!)


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