Love Lives Here!


So last Friday I show up to walk with my friend Kathy and she greets me with a beautifully wrapped gift ~ a set of 48 Prismacolor pencils!!!!  Oh my goodness!  I was so blown away!

These must be the cadillac’s of colored pencils!  The colors are so rich and lush.  And they apply so smoothly and beautifully!  I couldn’t even wait until I got home to get started using them!

So I stopped half way at Library East and decided to flip through some art journaling magazines for fresh inspiration.  The phrase “Love lives here” jumped off the page at me.  Probably because I’ve been camping out in Romans and had recently read “God has poured out His love into our hearts”  (Romans 5:5)

So I decided to take some time and consider… how am I currently experiencing the Lord doing this?  You’d better believe the pencils themselves just oozed out love as I used them!  :0)

You know, the question, “Does anybody love me?” often resonates in my head. Especially when I’m feeling discouraged.  How good to sit down and draw a bunch of the ways I’ve been experiencing love lately.

From the Lord comforting me through His Word, to a friend sending me a box of sweaters our first cold day here in Colorado Springs, to friends who walk and pray and share life with me!  To an amazing husband who has done all the laundry for the past 13 years so I can have more time to invest in the women around me! (and so I don’t keep inadvertently dying his underwear and shirts pink!)

Only one problem… there wasn’t enough room on the page!  But did it ever encourage my heart as I took time considering this.

I am so thankful!

(note:  all apologies to those I attempted to draw!  Like I said, I’m not an artist!  My one hope is my likenesses are so far off no one will even have a clue who I intended! :0)


One thought on “Love Lives Here!

  1. Hi Debbie…Thank you for making me aware of your art blog. I’m enjoying your posts AND art work! The Lord God has gifted you with the ability to express yourself in writing and art. You have blessed me!
    “Do not be surprised by the fiery attacks on your mind. When you struggle to find me and live in My Peace, don’t let discouragement set in. The evil one abhors your closeness to Me, and his demonic underlings are determined to destroy our intimacy. When you find yourself in the thick of battle, call My Name: “Jesus help me!” At that instant, the battle becomes Mine; your role is simply to trust Me as I fight for you.” from “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young
    Blessings! Vicky N

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