Like a Fish Out of Water…


So I’ve fallen into a rut.  Trying to art journal the lessons the Lord is teaching me, rather than letting art journaling be a vehicle for processing and listening.

So tonight, feeling down, I pulled out a Whole Living magazine and flipping through the pages the orange illustrations captured my attention so I started cutting them out, having absolutely no idea what I would do with them – especially with those fish, but they seemed somehow to fit…

Then I began playing with the pieces putting them together in different arrangements, talking with the Lord as I did so and it was amazing how this helped sort through my emotions and identify what was going on inside.

Here I am, feeling…

Like a fish out of water… trying to figure out what life should look like ~ and how to survive in this new environment.

Where do I belong?  It’s all so different!

Lord, where is your place for me?

Why am I even here?

I didn’t hear answers, but there came peace.

As the picture came together, there was calm reassurance – just as the all knowing mighty God guides in helping me know and understand myself, so He knows the answers and in His time, He will pull it together into a beautiful whole.

What a lovely reminder.


2 thoughts on “Like a Fish Out of Water…

  1. Pati Walchle says:

    Hey cutie! Just read your latest newsletter and I got on your blog! I really love it! You are so inspiring! I’ve started doing some art projects myself and it really is good for the soul! I need to get some colored pens!! Love you!

    • Hi friend! What a treat to hear from you!!! Wish we could tackle some art projects together! :0) Hey, I wish we could exercise and hang out together again, too (want to come to Colorado?!!! :0) – I miss those times! Thanks for the smiles! love you too!!! (and btw those grandkids of yours are absolutely adorable!!!)

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