The Life… Is In the Blood!


Last Saturday I donated blood.  I’ve done this many, many times before.  However, this was my first time donating when I was doing it because of a specific person who is battling Leukemia.

As I drove to the site I found myself wondering how much it would hurt (I have “great looking veins,” but the phlebotomists are usually dismayed to discover “they roll” – not always making for the easiest insertions) and questioning, “Now why am I doing this?”  And especially as I read through all the possible complications… and then as they prepared to stick my finger to determine if I was eligible and said, “This should only hurt a little…”  I thought “Why am I voluntarily signing up to experience pain?!”

Then there’s always that moment of apprehension right before they put the needle in the crook of your arm – and yes, it does hurt a little, not only while the needle is inserting but periodically during the process too.

But as I sat there, watching the blood draining out of my arm I remembered the words my friends had written about how critical blood can be for people who are fighting cancer.  And I started praying for the person who would receive my blood…

And as I did, it hit me – this is like the tiniest taste of what Jesus did for me.  He voluntarily endured pain, to shed his blood so I could have life.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I spent the rest of the time praising Him!  And yes, as the people on either side of me were struggling not to faint (the phlebotomists were turning on fans and putting cold cloths on their head, necks and arms) I was actually singing!

If you’d like to hear the song I was singing here’s a link to it on Youtube:

Little did I ever dream when I went to donate blood, what an incredible spiritual experience it would be!

Can you guess what I’ll be doing again in six weeks?!