The Same Body


Have you ever been so hurt by another believer that you just want to lash back at them or tell others what they did in a way that will destroy them?  Sometimes I sure feel like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland, ready to command, “Off with their heads!”

Yet meditating on the truth that we are all a part of the same body has really put this in a different perspective.  If we’re really all part of the same body, then to hurt them is to hurt me.  Like if the mind led the body in a way that caused hurt to the feet, (eg., say if the mind told the feet, “walk across that parking lot” but it’s summer and the feet are bare and they get so burned they blister…)  does it make sense for the feet to kick the head into unconsciousness?!

That’s why it’s so much better to let the Lord take care of disciplining each part of His body – because He ALWAYS does so in a way that will be beneficial for the whole body – the wounded part included!

My job is to focus on forgiving and loving even those who hurt me.  I can trust Him that He truly will be my advocate.  He sees when I am hurt.  He cares about me deeply.  He is perfect in His love for me!  And He is so able and willing to deal with the offender in His perfect time, in His perfect way.  But this requires I trust Him.

Oh please help me Lord to trust you to take care of discipling your body, remembering I benefit when I do … and am hurt even more when I don’t!

(btw the face is compliments of my niece Grace who was doing wax crayon etchings with me!  :0)


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