The Worth of A Soul


On Christmas Eve as we sang the song “O Holy Night” one line especially jumped out at me:

“Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth.”

and I thought, does this ever sum up a key thing the Lord’s been teaching me lately – that my worth, my value is 100% based on Him!

It’s not based on what I look like

It’s not based on what I do

It’s not based on people’s opinion or whether they want to spend time with me (or not!)

It’s not based on the gifts people give or don’t give

It’s not because of position…

Of course I “know” all of this, I’ve “known” this for years and could gladly tell someone else, but lately the Lord’s been blessing me with opportunities to “know” this experientially, on a deeper level than ever before!

They’ve not been easy lessons nor very enjoyable.  But I’m finally learning in the depths of my heart because of Jesus there’s always treasure in me, even on my worst days.

It is a holy night when the soul feels its worth!


one further blessing:  Ever meet with someone you aren’t too excited about spending time with?  As I was getting ready to do this, the Lord brought this picture to mind, pointing out, “Because of me everyone has value, Deb, and that doesn’t change based on what they do or don’t do!”  So I asked the Lord to help me see this person the way He does and wow!  What a difference it made!  Got to love the power of a picture, how it can come back to bless you (and those around you!)  in new ways!