Because The Moon Doesn’t Shine…


For Christmas my son’s fiance gave me a wonderful gift ~ Gouache (rhymes with squash) paint and a set of brushes!  What a difference it makes using quality materials!!!  I can’t recommend enough investing in a good set of these!  I love them!  Especially as they proved a double gift…  of even greater value than the physical items, was the invitation they offered to process at a time I deeply needed it.

The day she gave these to me I was reading Amanda Jenkins book Confessions of a Raging Perfectionist  (for the record, I’m not a perfectionist – but this ebook was free and well, after studying Greek this past year with limited time for reading, let’s just say I’ve been a starved bibliophile and ever since the last class ended I’m having a blast devouring books right and left ~ and being amazed at how the Lord is guiding me in the process and speaking to my heart in neat ways! :0)

In her book, one quote really grabbed my attention where she answered the question, “How can we boast in our weaknesses?”

“Because the mood doesn’t shine – that’s why.  In fact, the glow of the moon is actually the light of the sun reflecting off the moon’s surface.  Without the light of the sun, the moon would be dark.  And the same is true with us and God.  Our talents, our knowledge, our ability to love and laugh and weep and sing are mere reflections of who God is.  He’s the light – the creator of all that’s good and worthy of recognition.  The only one who deserves the spot light which is obvious when we take the time to notice.  And our weaknesses allow Him to shine in us all the more.”

All week I’ve been reminding myself, “I’m like the moon.”   Apart from Jesus, “There is nothing good in me” Romans 7:18.  And I love how John the Baptist’s statement ties in with this, “a person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven.”  John 3:27

But what’s most gripped my heart in Amanda Jenkins’ quote is that last sentence, “our weaknesses allow Him to shine in us all the more.”  Personally I’m not a big fan of my weaknesses!  And I certainly don’t relish others seeing them!

How easy it is to sing, “In my life Lord be glorified” when I’m thinking, “Yes, be glorified through the things I do well!  Through my accomplishments!”  but through my weaknesses?!

One of the things I love about painting quotes is how I find myself processing with each brushstroke.  As a result, this beautiful illustration gripped my heart!  And good thing too…

Little did I realize this marked the start of the Lord preparing me for an unexpected journey of grieving…