The Frame is Forming!!!


Recently I was enjoying some extended time alone with the Lord at Glen Eyrie, praying my way through Psalm 16, when I realized I really needed more time!  As I went to text Jim to ask if he’d come later to pick me up I noticed my friend Sue Tell had just posted a new blog.  Now since her blogs really minister to my heart I decided to check it out…. and I was totally blown away at how it tied in with my time with the Lord!

note:  If you’d like to read the blog that inspired this art journal entry you’ll find it here (it was so good I put the whole thing in my art journal!)


or here:

When I read Sue’s words…. how with a puzzle you put the outside together first and when you build a house the frame is the first thing that goes up, so the Lord laid on her heart, he’s putting the frame in place first, the picture of what’s next for her life will follow…

I realized pieces of my frame truly have started coming together – and that so encouraged my heart!  I still have no clue what the final picture will be, but my eyes were opened to see He truly is at work!

And I about flipped when I saw she posted at the end Psalm 16:6.  Do you think it was a coincidence I’d just been camping out in that Psalm?!!!


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