All I wanted was to live near friends!

Yet when we flew out here to look for a home nothing in our price range was available near anyone we knew.  The house we did find was 15 minutes (at least!) away in the middle of the city.

At first I cried.  But then I thought, “Maybe the Lord has a new friend waiting for me in the neighborhood whom I haven’t met yet!”  So for four weeks as I walked and prayed daily, I was on the hunt to find her.  Sunday mornings, as we visited different churches, also provided opportunities… but week after week my hopes were dashed.

After four weeks meeting no potential friends I was so upset!  Until… our first sabbatical team meeting!

Judy Levan said, “Go slow in making friends, Deb.  Your sabbatical is a special time for getting alone with God.  You don’t want to get so busy with people you miss that.”

And I realized, God wasn’t preventing me from making friends, He is protecting me!

If I’d had my way my schedule would’ve already been full with people!  Suddenly my frustration turned to praise!  It would’ve been so hard to back track!  Truly He knows just what I do (and don’t!) need!

Thank you Lord!

Not Preventing, But Protecting!


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