Lord, please save me from ideas that are not yours!!!


One of the things I love about living in Colorado Springs is Colorado College Fine Art Center’s free day the third Tuesday of every month!!! Now there’s no way anyone can ever really digest a whole museum worth of art, so whenever I visit an art museum I like to start my time asking the Lord to direct me to a work He wants me to focus on and speak to me through. And this time as I prayed, did he ever answer!

He led me to a sculpture entitled “Monster Pencil Tip: An Endlessly Enlargeable Monument to Human Imagination Interrupted – Pay No Attention To It’s Highly Suggestible Shape!”  This was basically a huge pencil tip, just the lead, and it easily could’ve been taken for a warhead.  Now the artist, Sean O’Meallie is known for his works having double meanings.  At first glance it’s easy to think a pencil tip is constructive, whereas a warhead is destructive but O’Meallie makes the point (no put intended! :0)  that the words scrawled by a pencil can be more dangerous and destructive than any bomb!

Now you have to know I have a lot of ideas that run through my mind – way more than I could ever act on.  And one thing I’ve learned through the years, I need to be protected from ideas that aren’t from the Lord – if not, can I ever get sidetracked and end up spinning my wheels.

That very day I’d been considering and praying about writing a movie!

Donaldina Cameron has a story that is just crying out to be told!  She was a Presbyterian missionary back in the early 1900’s who rescued Asian girls who were human trafficked in California.  Can’t you just see her, dressed in her victorian garb, hatchett in hand, going in to rescue those girls in the middle of Chinatown?!t

Truly she was a modern (or whatever you call someone from 100 years ago!) Deborah.  When the men in the town, including policemen and politicians who were believers, were doing nothing about this – prejudice ran so high they didn’t want to bother! – she called them to account and got them doing what they should’ve been doing all along!  It’s an incredible story!  And there’s such a need for women today to have role models like this!

But the Lord reminded me gently, apart from Him I can do nothing.  If He wants me writing a movie, then that’s what I need to do, but if not then it will be a waste of time at best and perhaps even harmful!

Got to love those art museum visits!


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