First Adventure In Art Journal Painting…!


One of the best parts of Colorado College Fine Art Center’s Free Day is during the evening they have three teachers demonstrating what they teach in their classes.  It’s a great way to try something new and expand artistic horizons -even if you aren’t all that artistic!  :0)

As I wandered past the plein art painting teacher I’m sure there was a wistful look in my eye.  I’ve always wanted to try this!  The combination of being creative + outdoors =  Just sounds like a dream!

But I’ve always been intimidated by paint.  Really anything you can’t use an eraser on!  And so hesitant to try.  And painting on a canvas – well, it feels like you need to come up with something significant to justify the expense!  So after getting the info for his course I passed on to the next table only to find….  a real live art journaling instructor!!!!  You can’t even imagine how excited I was!!!

As we talked she asked how I learned about art journaling and I shared how I’d asked the Lord to give me an idea for creatively processing during our sabbatical and a little while later stumbled onto a church’s website for artists where someone was sharing about this – turns out she goes to that same church!!!

As she shared her art journal with me, she took time to explain how to use different materials and shared some of the assignments she gives in her class.

For her first assignment she always has her students take a sheet of paper and divide it into different sized boxes – she says it’s less intimidating this way.  And they can have fun exploring whatever medium they are using.

Light bulbs went off as I heard that!  What a great way to jump into using paint!  So I ran to a local art supply store, bought watercolors and… had sooooo much fun! :0)  This really did help to get me out of scrapbooking mode and expanded my creative options!

Got to love how the Lord provides just what we need (including new ideas!) right when we need them!


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