Where’s My Focus?


Recently I discovered a new treasure – it’s so good Jim and I are both reading it! – called Anatomy of the Soul by Dr. Curt Thompson.  It is so fascinating and encouraging to learn how research on the brain supports what we’ve been doing in discipling and helping people!

This quote in particular stopped me in my tracks the other day:

“What we pay attention to affects our lives.

That may seem obvious, but what is often less apparent is exactly what we’re focusing on – after all, so much of it occurs automatically or unconsciously.  Furthermore, we often direct our attention primarily on what exists outside ourselves.  Neuroscience has much to tell us about why it is so critical for each of us to pay attention to our own feelings, physical sensations, and thoughts.”

During this sabbatical especially, I wonder….

Where’s my focus?  And what impact is it having on my life?


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